You're probably here because gambling is a problem

You've read the guide and it just makes sense.
You've tried the tools and you still haven't got your gambling under control
But you're ready to stop gambling from taking over your life.

Talking​ to a psychologist can help.

Hi, I'm Luke. I'm a registered psychologist and former award-winning university teacher that treats problem gambling. If you're struggling with keeping your betting under control or attempting to quit altogether

I can help.

My style of psychotherapy is a non-judgmental focused approach to teach you the mental skills to motivate yourself to take action and regain control over your gambling issues. I can help you build the mental skills to live your meaningful life where porn isn't a problem and avoid some of the consequences of out-of-control use.

I treat people online and in-person. My practice is located at  Suite 604 / 806 Anzac Parade, Maroubra, NSW 2035 

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