Launch Yourself and Overcome Fear, Lecture UNSW

A huge thanks to Jacquelyn Cranney and her kind invitation for me to speak with UNSW Psychology Students about launching yourself and overcoming fear. I got a chance to share the 4 most common tools to overcome fear and some of the common barriers to getting going after your meaningful goals (things you want to do, know that are good for you, fear blocks you). It’s an absolute honour to be able to help (in a small way) young adults pursue their meaningful goals.

I briefly covered:

  1. Fear as a common barrier to pursuing your goals
  2. Fear motivates us to avoid the tasks that we want to do and that are good for us. Fear harnessed well can motivate us to action.
  3. Fear is a good thing, and courage is a skill that can be practised
  4. A 4-piece toolkit to deal with common fears that impede self-launching.
  5. The tools: identifying fears, climbing a fear mountain, habituate to fears mentally, attacking your fears

Some useful references for attendees:

Also, happy to answer any follow up questions. Get in touch luke@lukevuphd.com.au

Thanks Jacky and UNSW, it was an absolute joy to spread the message! Happy launching!

BONUS: Take a sneak peak at my free e-course for self-launching called launch yourself. If you liked the tools in the lecture, you’ll see a detailed explanation on how to use them. Many other tools to come.

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