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Psychologist for drug and online addictions

“You’re successful in many important areas of life, but you can’t quite seem to shake off your addictions. You can see that things are going downhill. You know it’s time to focus on sorting yourself out. You don’t really want to check into in-patient rehab and you don’t buy into confessing your issues every week for the rest of your life.”

I can help.

I’m a registered clinical psychologist who provides a “small is better”, boutique service to high performing individuals who struggle with addiction. In therapy, you’ll gain the necessary insight and skills to reconnect to the life before your addictions became a problem. I only practice evidence based, short-course, 1 on 1 psychotherapies specific to your issues.

I hope that by visiting my site, you’ve probably thought about your addiction and making a change. When you’re ready to take the next step towards a life where addiction isn’t a problem, I’ll be honoured to help you get there. Book an appointment on 9030 0301.

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Luke Vu PhD.

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the second best time is now”

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